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  Survive with me is a blog all about surviving during an emergency situation. From a simple black-out, to a full-on doomsday situation. We'll have you covered with the knowledge of how to survive any crisis!

  Survive With Me will discuss a few major topics throughout all of its posts, and so we'd like to inform you on just a few of them, so you get the big idea. First, will mention 'Doomsday' quite often. Doomsday is the possibility of catastrophic destruction and/or death. Another topic is an 'apoculypse'. You've probably heard of this one before. Like, a zombie-apoculypse. The last of the major topics, other than Survival, is a natural disaster. For example, a tsunami, hurricane, tornado or earthquake. Or even a plane crash? Who knows, the posts will come out randomly as of now until I set my self a schedule.

  Survive With Me is run by a 14 year old, named Taylor Papai. Well, that's who is writing this. Hello! The idea for 'Survive With Me' came up when my sister was trying to start-up a slime company(Link Slime Co.) I wanted to earn some money of my own, and so I decided opening a website would be the best idea. And so I did, but never even published it. And now, a year later here I am again, now running my own survival blog.

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