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Purchasable Merchandise

Trucker Hat


Comes in only one size, like most hats do. It fits teenagers/older kids, and adults. It is black on the front, and white mesh on the back. Also, it only comes in one color, which is the black and white.

Price: $30

(includes shipping, which is $5.99)

Contrast Hoodie


This Item comes in three (adult/teen/normal) sizes, small, medium and large.

It also comes in three colors...

Black/dark gray(top right), navy blue/dark gray(top left), and teal/dark gray(bottom two).

When purchasing please put the color in with the item name!

For example: "Contrast Hoodie - Black/dark gray"

Price: $60

(includes shipping, which is $5.99)

Women's Tank Top


Comes in three sizes: Small, Medium and Large!

Only one color, though, which is the tealish-sky blue as seen in the above photo.

Price: $40

(includes shipping, which is $5.99)



Comes in three sizes: Small, Medium and Large!

This T-shirt also comes in three colors as seen in the images, Military green, Black, and Dark Green! So please make sure to specify when ordering. 

For example in the 'Item' section of your order, put 'Dark Green T-shirt' if you want the dark green one. Or military green if you want the military green one. 

Please note that the t-shirts are Gildan Ultra Cotton.

Price: $40

(includes shipping, which is $5.99)


Look at the above items(photos) and then fill out the information below!

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How it works:

Once we have viewed your order, we will then request a completely safe and secure paypal request for the appropriate pricing. Once you accept the request, we will send out your order! :) We will try to have your purchased item out as soon as possible!

For further questions, please email us at survivewithme05@gmail.com

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